Mentoring, What happened this semester?

This semester in EDTC400 we were tasked with mentoring three students from the EDTC300 class that we took already. So in EDTC300 the students had to create a learning project that they want to learn or get better at things like cooking, sign language, play an instrument and many other hobbies that they could do. For my mentories they were learning how to knit, sign language and getting better at playing video games.

So for this I found that my mentories were more knowledgeable than I or have had to use wordpress blogs for past classes that have made them make great blogs and had a step above everyone that was just creating a blog for the first time. My first task for mentoring was to learn a little about who they were and why they wanted to become educators and why they took this class. Due to them having had blogs for past classes and have been well versed with using their blogs, they didn’t really need any help in creating posts or making improvements on their blogs. So for me mentoring them I would talk to them directly giving feedback on their learning projects and giving praise about their blogs. For all my EDTC300 students they made videos for their learning project blog, which was really nice to watch and see what they were learning and improvement that they made in the week from the weeks before. This was a great experience to learn how to help and praise others in the work they are doing for a class that I took in the past as my first online class.

Educators have a responsibility to use technology and social media to promote social justice and fight oppression

The topic of if Educators have a responsibility to use technology and social media to promote social justice and fight oppression was are last debate topic for are EDTC400 class. This is something that as a person is completely true in all matters that can come from it and even more so for the educators that teach students for the most of their young lives. Students look up to teachers to learn and grow throughout their school years and many still look up to their past teachers and educators as mentors. In the political world the people are the ones that keep the government’s truthful and responsible for the well being of the country and the people that live in the country. So as a duty for educators that also live in the country they have the same duty to oppose social injustices and fight oppression that takes place, even more so for the students that they teach to grow up in a better world. But let’s go to the pre vote:

The post vote: 

The class voted for agree in this argument gaining a few in the post vote to their side. I think this is due to a lot of the past debates that we have had with how tech is implemented in class and getting students to look up to teachers and educators as role models that can help the students grow into a better person even after they graduate and move on in life as an adult. 

We have become too dependent on technology and we’d be better off returning to the “good old days” before the Internet and smartphones took over.

The argument of should we return to the old days before technology, a weird thought about going back to no technology dependency. This wouldn’t work at all in reality technology is to needed to keep the world running, if the world returned to before we relied on it for life earth wouldn’t be able to support the current population. This is due to technology helps create bigger crops and faster production of food for the world, but let’s take it just to technology in schools. We would have to go back to just a paper and pencil to learn now using just those in a class is fine, but the advantages that come with tech is thousands time better to educate students and get them engaged in the class. Technology can bring many learning possibilities like online tours to a class that would never have a possibility to learn and see art or building and even see history of the world. Below is the pre vote:

And the post vote:

The vote stayed with agree lossing, but making a little headway on winning people over at the end of the debate. The little bit of headway I think came by the point that has come up many times before and was people incorporating technology better in classes and in schools.

Public education has sold its soul to corporate interests?

This debate was very interesting in the term of if education in the public sector has sold its soul to corporate interests. Schools have been given less of a budget for the school year since I was in high school 6 years ago, the beginning of the year the school would take the students out to dallas valley for a welcoming camp for 3 days and 2 nights. Every year since the school had to draw back trips for other grades until this year where the students now have to fund raise for the trips that were paid by the school budget. This now makes me worry that for the greater good of the students would it be fine to add advertisement of companies like coke or pepsi in a school that wants the health of the students put first before money. For me coming from a school beside a gas station and a mall a few blocks away it didn’t matter when they took junk food away and put healthy food machines into the school, because if we wanted a pop it was a 5 minute to get there and back to get junk food.




The result above are the pre vote and post vote were agree added to its lead in the argument. I also agree that the schools have sold themselves to companies, due to being short on budget and lessing the experience and learning that can be done if the schools had a greater budget to work with.

Social media is ruining childhood?

This debate is about what side of the argument you side on and its hard to side on if its the technology that is the problem or the people that use it are the problem. The debate pre vote went like this:

The post vote ended as this:

At the beginning the agree was winning, but the post the disagree took the cake and won the debate. For me I disagreed to the argument like many others in the class, and this ways due to what was talked about in the debate that the person that has the social media account is responsible factor and is the person that should be blamed if wrongdoing is done by them on the account. Technology as of right now doesn’t have a mind of its own and the account of the social media can’t take on a life of its own like a south park episode, so the person that controls the account has to be held accountable to their actions on the account. To have a social media account the person has to be mature about what the put online cause once it goes up on the web it can’t be taken down fully.

Technology is a force for equity in society?

So for this debate I had to be part of the agree side to technology being a force for equity in society, for me this was hard to side with agree cause I believe it can and can’t be a driving force for equity in society today. For my side I debated that if we get equality from technology it will lead to equity in society in the long run. For this I made 3 points for my argument the first was technology giving equality to people with disabilities, the main point is connecting people with technology that is affordable and transportable they can become someone like the late Dr. Hawking who used his eyes to communicate to a computer that speaks for him.  The 2nd point I brought up was getting education out to 3rd world countries and refugee camps by bringing in computers and digital resources for teaching purposes. The 3rd and final point was technology giving a voice to the youth of the world, they are future adults that will run society in the future and having a voice helps create opinion and let it be known thru social media.




The debate ended in the disagree side winning and I also agree to that technology can bring equity, but its not fully able to bring out equity on its own.

Cellphones should be banned in the classroom?

For this debate on banning cellphones in the classroom had three sides this time around. Side 1 was never side 2 way always and side 3 was only in high schools. The pre poll vote went like this:

The vote for always had 5.8%, while both never and only in high school had 47.1% each. This was an unpredicted pre vote outcome that I thought would be dominated in always and in high school only for the votes. The next poll for post vote went like this:

The post vote was won by only allowed in high school with 55.6%, but never dropped to 27.8% and always gained upto 16.7%. Now to put my point of view to the argument and a little about the discussion of the argument, for me I voted for only in high school. I picked this due to why do students in elementary need to use a cell phone in the classroom and cell phones shouldn’t be always allowed in the class. As students get older they get more responsibility and become more mature as they age, most of the time high school students know the right and wrong time to take out the cell phone. A great point that was brought up for the always side was that if students had cell phones banned thru elementary or middle school they wouldn’t develop a sense of proper time to use their phone and how to use their phone safely in their daily life, swapping my thought to allowing it in the middle years of elementary will allow them to learn proper safety to use their phones before high school life started for the students.

Is Openness and sharing in schools unfair to our kids?

So is openness and sharing in school unfair to the students? Yes and no, in most cases it’s depending on what the students are sharing in class and it depends on what is to much and what should they be willing to share, as the classroom is a safe place for the students to be and if it harms that environment of safety for the students then it becomes a problem. If this is a problem that can be covered and clear up what can be shared in the class and what can’t be shared early in the school year and clear that up with your class, the I would say a complete no to this argument. But getting the students to be open in sharing their opinions in class on the subject that is discussed helps the student develop and grow their understanding and create their own opinion later in life out of school and that is perfectly fine for the students.





The pictures above show that at the pre poll the disagree side had only 11.5% of the vote, while the post poll the disagree side tied with 50%. This was due to a great debate from the disagree side winning over many of the agree side and changing their opinion of the argument.

Should Schools not focus on Teaching things that can be Googled?

Going onto are 2nd debate of the year we listened to the two sides of should schools not focus on teaching things that can be googled? Google is great for looking things up in, due to google only needing a phone and wifi or data when on the go to use it to search anything. But not focusing on things that can be googled would almost mean why teach at all, cause almost everything can be googled. But then is everything right on google, no its not anyone can post on the web and if you search you can find something wrong in it. For example when you google who won World War II you can find that the axis side won over the allies which is completely wrong, but can be found when googled. Teachers are teaching things that are correct in History to go back to are example, they would show the facts of why that is fake and tell the truth about who won the war. That is just my take on the argument I side with the disagree side of the argument.





The left is the before the debate and the right is after the debate, for this debate the disagree side won out in both polls for are class. This would be an extremely hard argument for the agree side cause all of the class are wanting to become teachers in the future as are careers, and the agree side would take away teaching anything that could be found on google. The disagree side won this one due to google not always being right as we have seen in the last few years and has continued to spread is fake news something that as future educators we will have to show what is real and what is fake on google and the rest of the internet.