You Burned the Cookies!

For my learning project I am going to learn how to bake. My prior knowledge of baking was leaving a tray of chocolate chip cookies to turn into black charcoal disc. For some reason I am able to cook food perfectly fine, but when it comes to baking something goes always wrong and becomes inedible. My goal for this project is to improve my ability in baking, so I can make baked goods for Christmas this year and not have the same outcome as with the cookies.

Photo Credit: lpvhouse Flickr via Compfight cc

To reach my goal of learning to bake is starting by what I first failed at and bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then as the weeks progress take it up a notch by doing more difficult baking goods, like baking a cake or make cookies from scratch and then cake decorating. I am going to try finding a few good baking apps such as the Betty Crocker app that show the recipes and the process shown in clear steps.


3 thoughts on “You Burned the Cookies!”

  1. Hey Ryan!
    I think it is so awesome that you are baking for your learning project! I actually wanted to try baking, but just didn’t have the time, so I am eager to watch you progress over the semester. I like the idea of downloading an app on your phone that way the recipe is right there and you can easily search for ideas. I also suggest you look at pinterest, as there are endless possibilities there! Best of luck with the chocolate chip cookies!

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  2. Ryan, this is going to be awesome! Maybe the most useful skill any of us are learning. As a twist, you may want to consider trying a vegan, gluten free, only organic, etc. baking recipe to see what the results are. I’m excited to see your delicious progress. Bon Appetite!

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