The Smell of Brownies in the Air!

For my first week of learning to bake I started on a simple brownie recipe by Martha Stewart. That has a simple amount of ingredients and steps to make the brownies and doesn’t take to long to prepare or bake.

Into the oven.

I found the hardest step other than waiting for the brownies to bake was  whisking in the dry ingredients into the melted chocolate and butter. Its a tiring process to make sure all the ingredients were blended and have the right consistence of the batter. I found out when the brownies came out of the oven I hadn’t fully blended the ingredients together and had some air bubbles that cracked the surface of the brownies.

Hot from the oven!

All together it was a great learning experience that taught me to be more thorough in mixing the ingredients fully before baking. The brownies turned out tasting really good and filled the house with the smell of brownies. I would however like to try making the brownies a lot less sweet and healthier.



4 thoughts on “The Smell of Brownies in the Air!”

  1. Those brownies look really good, much better than I probably could do! I find having the smell linger inside your house to be half the fun of baking! What kinds of ingredients would you use to make the brownies healthier?


  2. Hey Ryan, the brownies look good! It sounds like you picked an interesting learning project and have already started picking up on the thinking of a baker. When I try new recipes I always think about how I could change the recipe to either be better, or in your case less sweet. I am interested to see what you decide to do next week! -Brooklynn


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