Ryan vs The Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Coming into week 3 of my learning project I tied up the score against the chocolate chip cookie and learned that sometimes listening to how much ingredients needed might be to much. When I started making the cookies it was a task of preparing the ingredients by measuring them out before mixing them together. I learned preparing the ingredients before starting the oven would be a good thought. Due to mixing the ingredients and forming the cookie dough into balls take around the time needed for the oven to heat up, but I didn’t and took sometime measuring the amount needed and mixing one ingredient in at a time.

The problem I found out was I had to much cookie dough left over, which wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had no idea of what to do with it and it hit me, make a giant cookie! I threw the dough in a pie pan and leveled it out and through it in the oven. It over all turned out fine, but had trouble with how long it would take to bake (around 17 minutes to bake). I was constantly checking it, but it turned out for the best and looked kind of like a pie. Its interesting making something out of the recipe that I’ve never done before and a little nerve racking, thinking about what might go wrong or how it might turn out. In my books this time around I can call this a win against the cookie who I burnt before.

Next week with Thanksgiving coming up I want to challenge myself and do something I haven’t done before. So I decided to bake a pumpkin pie for the dessert.


5 thoughts on “Ryan vs The Chocolate Chip Cookies!”

  1. Ryan, those cookie look sumptuous. I like the before and after pictures; shows how you progressed. Looking forward to seeing a video of you rolling that dough for the pumpkin pie! Also, you are progressing in terms of the level of difficulty of the items. What is your grand finale? Or will you surprise us?

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  2. Hey Ryan,
    I also really like the pictures of the starting product and then the final product. Also I love how you made the giant cookie! I think it’s also cool that you decided to do a pumpkin pie as I know pies can be tricky. If you’re ever looking for recipes Pinterest always has good ones and also allrecipes.com! I’m excited to see how you pie turns out!

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