The Struggle of Rolling Dough!

This week I decided for my learning project to bake a pumpkin pie. This was something I’ve never done before and found out it’s harder than it looks to roll dough. I came in thinking all it takes is a rolling pin, a little force, and walla the crust is done. Nope, my first attempt the dough was too thin and broke when I picked up to put it in the pie plate. This took a few more try’s at it and I gave up using a pre-made crust for the pie.

Into the Oven!

I failed at doing the crust, but want to try it again later down the line when I feel up to trying again. The pumpkin pie filling gave me the easiest time to make. I put out all the ingredients out before starting and prepared all of the measuring cups, utensils, and bowls before starting made it easier to mix everything without having to measure the ingredients after putting 1 ingredient at a time.

For this week I want to try out making different types of cookies like peanut butter, sugar cookies or try making my favorite cookie, the gingersnaps.


4 thoughts on “The Struggle of Rolling Dough!”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Good job on attempting a pie crust, it is definitely not easy to do! Here’s a link ( to the Food Network’s – ‘Pie Dough 101’ that might be helpful! They also have other videos on baking that might help you out. I’ve used them before when baking and have had success! Good luck with your next baking task!

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