The Greatest Baking Tool!

This week I made 1 of my favorite types of cookies, the peanut butter cookie. I found a recipe on Allrecipes,(recipe in link) it is an easy recipe that I found that had me sift the dry ingredients before mixing. I learned that sifting ensures your dry ingredients are spaced out and breaks up any lumps, so its easier to mix. This week I also bought a hand mixer that is the greatest tool for baking. It takes off a huge chunk of prep time that would be taken up by mixing by hand and makes mixing ingredients evenly, something that is very hard to do by hand.











For my cookies they came out really well and tasted like any peanut butter cookies should. I had enough cookie dough left for a few more cookies and had some inspiration from my fellow classmate Jadon’s learning project who baked jam drop cookies. I gave me a great idea to hollow out the middle of the cookie and put jelly in the center, creating a PB&J cookie and the cookie if you love PB&J its for you. For next week I’m going to make sugar cookies and hopefully figure out how to decorate and make frosting.


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Baking Tool!”

  1. These look delicious, very creative idea to take peanut butter cookies up a level and make them PB&J cookies. Good luck learning in the future weeks, hopefully you are finding it rewarding being able to enjoy your baked goods!


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