Cybersleuthing? More like Creepin.

I had the pleasure of sleuthing Jadon and the first links that popped up were a twitter, facebook and Instagram accounts. The most suprising was a link to his Google+ and a Youtube video of his jam drop cookies. Google was having a problem and wanted to switch Jadon’s name to Jason an artist living in British Columbia(check his pictures out there amazing). It was suprising that when I added Regina after his name, it had more random links that didn’t even have the right name or city.  I even added the University of Regina after his name and again it was more random links and tried to change it to Jason instead of Jadon.

I found that Jadon has a really good pressence on the internet and a good digital footprint. I couldn’t find anything in the way that would badly effect his digital identity. I was still amazed that it was so easy to find Jadon even with google wanting to change his name. I was suprised that Jadon’s wordpress site wasn’t near the top of the search with his learning project posts and the different posts for EDTC300, but wasn’t showing up until I added wordpress after his name. Maybe Jadon would want to see if he can get his wordpress site near the top in case future intervieweres are looking for the blog. All I can say is that Jadon should be really happy and proud about his digital identity and to keep it up with having his social networks on the top of the search.


3 thoughts on “Cybersleuthing? More like Creepin.”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Isn’t it crazy how much you can find just by Googling someone?! Interesting how the results became more random when you added Regina… When I was cyber sleuthing Holly, I added regina after her name and that’s when her wordpress blog came up.


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