The Cupcake!

This week for my baking adventure I continued tested my decorating skills and tried making something new. For my first try at making a cupcake I made a vanilla flavoured cupcake that I found on Allrecipes.  I had a hard time finding a recipe that didn’t have a crazy amount of ingredients this one was perfect to start out with. 

So for me I knew a lot about eating cupcakes and not a lot about making cupcakes and I knew my sister knew a lot more than me on making cupcakes. I learned from her that when you make cupcakes to not fill the cups fully, but only half way so when they rise there won’t be a mess of overflow to clean up after. So piping the cupcakes was the second best part of making the cupcakes (first of course was eating them). I used the a whipped cream cheese frosting that tasted great and piped really well through the piping bag. My first cupcake came out a little shaky, but I found myself getting better at piping the frosting the more cupcakes I got done.

For next week I am going to continue with the cupcakes and change up a recipe and try something that might work or might not, but we’ll see how it goes and if I made a cupcake or a Franken-cake.



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