The Gram is it Good!

This week Jadon and I worked on the 2 sides of having Instgram in the classroom and how it could hinder or gain for teachers and students in the classroom.

With the more uses of social media in everyday life, would Instagram be a good to use in the classroom by teachers and the students? Yes! Instagram would be a great benefit to use in the classroom, but also to use for parents of the students. A problem arises on making sure that when the account is created to be secure and private for the students safety, so people other than the students, parents and teachers can access the class account.


The main use of Instagram in the class I think would be using a classroom account that is only accessible to the students, teachers and the parents of the students. In this account it would be used as a way to share photos of what is going on in the class, field trip moments, the work the students have done, announcements of important dates and to put up assignments. When I was looking into the uses of Instagram in the class I found many lists that had uses in the class, but using instagram to represent a historical figure. In this project the students learn about a historical figure and put posts on a private account about how if they were alive today what would they post or take photos of. This could be a fun way to engage students in history, while also giving students the ability to learn how to use Instagram in a responsible way.


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