The Brownie and the Bread!

Chocolate chip layered banana bread

This week I decided to turn my final learning project into 2 parts, this week I made a chocolate banana bread, changing how it was made and a brownie recipe. This week was all about adding different ingredients to recipes that I found on Allrecipes and Pinterest. For my banana bread recipe I changed a regular recipe, but added about 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and then poured half of the batter into the pan. Then adding a layer in between of unsweetened chocolate chips and then pouring the rest of the batter and baking. I also tried making this loaf by adding the chocolate chips to the batter and mixing them in first, this made the loaf have more pockets of chocolate, but the areas of chocolate where scarce or huge pockets of chocolate.

Chocolate chips mixed in the batter.

The next creation I tried out was using a brownie recipe and adding salted caramel to the mix as a layer, just like the banana bread. This was a horrible idea to combine these two things the brownie turned out to look like a brownie, but the taste of it was overly sweet and way to salty. This showed me that somethings work out when changing recipes and adding different ingredients, but its a process of trying different things out and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. Next is the finally of the learning project.


3 thoughts on “The Brownie and the Bread!”

  1. Hey Ryan!

    I just wanna point out that both the brownie and the banana bread look super tasty! It’s cool to change around the recipe a little bit to try new things, and while the brownie may not have turned out completely this time, you know know how to fix it for the future!

    It’s cool to see where you are now from your first posts where you say burned cookies, to now, making extravagant banana bread and brownies. I hope you keep baking in the future, it really is a fun hobby. Yummy, too!



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