The End of EDTC300

So EDTC 300 is coming to a close and I can’t believe it went by so fast this semester. I learned many things that I didn’t know exist and learned how to be digitally literate and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one on this journey. I was never really a tech oriented guy, I knew what I needed to know, but never went any further than that. This class made me move out from my comfort zone, and use social media to get use to creating wholesome posts rather than lurking and being scared of posting. Before EDTC 300 I had no idea what extensions were, but throughout the course I used many of extensions like Grammarly, a great extension that I now use for every essay before I hand it in to check mistakes or give suggestions on what could improve the essay, I even use it to make my blog posts. The other extension I love to use is Screencastify, it allows you to record your screen while providing commentary. For my video I used it to record my slides while I provide a commentary about my summary of learning. Zoom was a huge pain when I first learned I had to set up this chat room that would be used for our class this semester, but zoom was great it felt like being in a classroom with comfier seats. It was also cool to see how the class could break into smaller rooms and discuss ideas easier.

I learned many things about twitter and other social media that can be used and how to be careful of what you post. For twitter it doesn’t have to be just a professional account, but you should always make sure that what you post or get tagged in isn’t something that can be harmful to you in the future or can be deemed hurtful against others, this also goes to every social media account you have cause nothing is private on the internet. Twitter is a great place to connect with other educators from everywhere through chats that take place like #saskedchat using Tweetdeck to help with the chats. You also have to be careful when getting tricked into believing fake news is real, due to many of the fake news articles and sites seeming completely real and made by news sites. Its important to gain a digital footprint online and learn about digital literacy, before having something negative that could follow you for ever in life.

The next important thing I learned was how to blog and create an                  Eportfolio using WordPress. This is a great idea to start a blog in university, so future employers can look deeper into who you are as a person and what your beliefs and ideas on teacher are. This could help in the long run of things when you graduate and are out applying to schools, getting employers to pick you because they can look at your blogs rather than just a resume.

This course has made me start to think how could I start to integrate technology into my future career as a teacher. This course also makes me wonder what new types of technology will I have available to use in the classroom when I start my first year as a teacher and what hasn’t changed in classes.

Thanks you all for an amazing semester and maybe I’ll see you in a class next semester!


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