Giving A Hand

Thanks for the inspiration!

This semester I learned many things from my classmates that I never knew about, especially in using Youtube to make it easier to post videos. For this semester I wanted to follow one blog for the whole semester, I found that Jadon was baking like I was in the learning project. This gave me someone I could gain inspiration for creating my PB&J cookies. This also gave me a great partner for the other posts on my blog posts like “Cybersleuthing? More like Creepin.” This was also when I started posting more on Twitter that was education-related and great for me to get followers that were in education. I found this was incredibly hard for me to continuously post resources daily, I found that using Feedly made it simple that the app created the tweet for you with hashtags relating to the resource. For Twitter, I had the chance to join a #saskedchat letting my classmates and educators from the group learn about my teaching beliefs and ideas. This was a fun course that I hope many keep up with their learning project and enjoy the rest of the break until next semester in 2018.



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