The End of My Learning Project!

This is it the end of my learning project, I started baking knowing nothing about how or what you do in baking with little knowledge of baking procedures. Throughout the project, I came across many terms that I had to research about like why you sift ingredients before starting to mix them in.

Week 0: You Burned the Cookies!

Week 1: The Smell of Brownies in the Air!

Week 2: Ryan vs The Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Week 3: The Struggle of Rolling Dough!

Week 4: The Greatest Baking Tool!

Week 5: Halloween Sugar Cookies!

Week 6: The Cupcake!

Week 7: The Brownie and the Bread!

For My last week, I created my very own cupcake! I combined Oreos and cupcakes, first I used a chocolate cupcake recipe from my favourite site for recipes Allrecipes. The next step I took was placing an Oreo at the bottom of each before I pour the batter on top of them baking for a minute or two less and when a toothpick test comes out clean. When it came out I cut a hole in the centre using a straw to cut it out until it reached the cookie at the bottom. I used the creme of the Oreo after melting it a little to pour in the centre then plugging the hole with part of the cutout piece of cupcake. Next was the frosting, where I added crushed up Oreos into the frosting, I found that you needed to pick a frosting tip big enough for the crushed pieces to pipe out of the bag. These were perfect for Oreo lovers like myself and let me be a little creative and adventuring in creating a cupcake.

 I started out as being completely incompetent in making cookies without burning them to become charcoal, but now I feel a lot more confidence in baking anything that I want to make. I had a problem with rolling dough for my pumpkin pie, but I learned that when you roll the dough using plastic wrap to not have to flour a rolling pin worked incredibly well then refrigerating for a while to make the dough sturdier to handle by hand. My main source for recipes came from Allrecipes a great site that I use because these are tried and true recipes that others who know they work to put on the site for others. I also ran into many apps that were pay to gain access to the full cookbook even for on the free apps, many of these apps gave simple recipes before bringing up a pay to gain the access of the rest of the ingredients. This is where the Allrecipes app was the coolest, it had the ability to change the serving size of the recipe by itself. The app held a shopping list that gave you a checklist and a map to what stores had the ingredients, the app also has a meal randomizer that I sometimes use if I get stumped in making food.

Baking is something that even after this semester of learning to bake I have still a lot to learn and while continue to increase my ability to create more great baking treats in the future. With the winter holidays coming up fast I plan to show off my skills as a baker and make the baking for christmas this year. I hope everyone enjoyed my baking posts and gave a few of the recipes a try, but this is Ryan signing off for the last time. Have a good Winter break before the next semester.


One thought on “The End of My Learning Project!”

  1. Those cupcakes look so good!! Well done! Also, thanks for sharing about AllRecipes, I knew it was a good website but it’s awesome to hear it has so many features as an app! Best of luck with the rest of your semester!


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