Cellphones should be banned in the classroom?

For this debate on banning cellphones in the classroom had three sides this time around. Side 1 was never side 2 way always and side 3 was only in high schools. The pre poll vote went like this:

The vote for always had 5.8%, while both never and only in high school had 47.1% each. This was an unpredicted pre vote outcome that I thought would be dominated in always and in high school only for the votes. The next poll for post vote went like this:

The post vote was won by only allowed in high school with 55.6%, but never dropped to 27.8% and always gained upto 16.7%. Now to put my point of view to the argument and a little about the discussion of the argument, for me I voted for only in high school. I picked this due to why do students in elementary need to use a cell phone in the classroom and cell phones shouldn’t be always allowed in the class. As students get older they get more responsibility and become more mature as they age, most of the time high school students know the right and wrong time to take out the cell phone. A great point that was brought up for the always side was that if students had cell phones banned thru elementary or middle school they wouldn’t develop a sense of proper time to use their phone and how to use their phone safely in their daily life, swapping my thought to allowing it in the middle years of elementary will allow them to learn proper safety to use their phones before high school life started for the students.


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