Does Technology In the Classroom enhance learning?

So, does technology in the classroom enhance the learning of the students? In my book technology is a great enhancer in the class for students. In are education technology class we had a debate on this certain question that we had to take a side of the argument.  Just below is the result that came from the class.( left- Before Debate, Right- After Debate)




The debate was to see who had the better debate and made the best points of their side for the rest of the class to be persuaded to their side. But going back to my decision  on the argument that technology does enhance learning, but only when implemented the right way which is difficult to do for teachers that are uncommon to technologic resources that are available to them. In my school life I’ve had teachers that tried implementing technology that enhances the learning fail, but I have had teachers make amazing use of technology to enhance the whole classroom. It is just something that takes learning how to implement technology in the classroom something that we are going to learn in the University courses and experience failing to implement it and work on improving on adapting the technology for a classroom.


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