Is Openness and sharing in schools unfair to our kids?

So is openness and sharing in school unfair to the students? Yes and no, in most cases it’s depending on what the students are sharing in class and it depends on what is to much and what should they be willing to share, as the classroom is a safe place for the students to be and if it harms that environment of safety for the students then it becomes a problem. If this is a problem that can be covered and clear up what can be shared in the class and what can’t be shared early in the school year and clear that up with your class, the I would say a complete no to this argument. But getting the students to be open in sharing their opinions in class on the subject that is discussed helps the student develop and grow their understanding and create their own opinion later in life out of school and that is perfectly fine for the students.





The pictures above show that at the pre poll the disagree side had only 11.5% of the vote, while the post poll the disagree side tied with 50%. This was due to a great debate from the disagree side winning over many of the agree side and changing their opinion of the argument.


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