Mentoring, What happened this semester?

This semester in EDTC400 we were tasked with mentoring three students from the EDTC300 class that we took already. So in EDTC300 the students had to create a learning project that they want to learn or get better at things like cooking, sign language, play an instrument and many other hobbies that they could do. For my mentories they were learning how to knit, sign language and getting better at playing video games.

So for this I found that my mentories were more knowledgeable than I or have had to use wordpress blogs for past classes that have made them make great blogs and had a step above everyone that was just creating a blog for the first time. My first task for mentoring was to learn a little about who they were and why they wanted to become educators and why they took this class. Due to them having had blogs for past classes and have been well versed with using their blogs, they didn’t really need any help in creating posts or making improvements on their blogs. So for me mentoring them I would talk to them directly giving feedback on their learning projects and giving praise about their blogs. For all my EDTC300 students they made videos for their learning project blog, which was really nice to watch and see what they were learning and improvement that they made in the week from the weeks before. This was a great experience to learn how to help and praise others in the work they are doing for a class that I took in the past as my first online class.

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