Public education has sold its soul to corporate interests?

This debate was very interesting in the term of if education in the public sector has sold its soul to corporate interests. Schools have been given less of a budget for the school year since I was in high school 6 years ago, the beginning of the year the school would take the students out to dallas valley for a welcoming camp for 3 days and 2 nights. Every year since the school had to draw back trips for other grades until this year where the students now have to fund raise for the trips that were paid by the school budget. This now makes me worry that for the greater good of the students would it be fine to add advertisement of companies like coke or pepsi in a school that wants the health of the students put first before money. For me coming from a school beside a gas station and a mall a few blocks away it didn’t matter when they took junk food away and put healthy food machines into the school, because if we wanted a pop it was a 5 minute to get there and back to get junk food.




The result above are the pre vote and post vote were agree added to its lead in the argument. I also agree that the schools have sold themselves to companies, due to being short on budget and lessing the experience and learning that can be done if the schools had a greater budget to work with.

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