Should Schools not focus on Teaching things that can be Googled?

Going onto are 2nd debate of the year we listened to the two sides of should schools not focus on teaching things that can be googled? Google is great for looking things up in, due to google only needing a phone and wifi or data when on the go to use it to search anything. But not focusing on things that can be googled would almost mean why teach at all, cause almost everything can be googled. But then is everything right on google, no its not anyone can post on the web and if you search you can find something wrong in it. For example when you google who won World War II you can find that the axis side won over the allies which is completely wrong, but can be found when googled. Teachers are teaching things that are correct in History to go back to are example, they would show the facts of why that is fake and tell the truth about who won the war. That is just my take on the argument I side with the disagree side of the argument.





The left is the before the debate and the right is after the debate, for this debate the disagree side won out in both polls for are class. This would be an extremely hard argument for the agree side cause all of the class are wanting to become teachers in the future as are careers, and the agree side would take away teaching anything that could be found on google. The disagree side won this one due to google not always being right as we have seen in the last few years and has continued to spread is fake news something that as future educators we will have to show what is real and what is fake on google and the rest of the internet.


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