Social media is ruining childhood?

This debate is about what side of the argument you side on and its hard to side on if its the technology that is the problem or the people that use it are the problem. The debate pre vote went like this:

The post vote ended as this:

At the beginning the agree was winning, but the post the disagree took the cake and won the debate. For me I disagreed to the argument like many others in the class, and this ways due to what was talked about in the debate that the person that has the social media account is responsible factor and is the person that should be blamed if wrongdoing is done by them on the account. Technology as of right now doesn’t have a mind of its own and the account of the social media can’t take on a life of its own like a south park episode, so the person that controls the account has to be held accountable to their actions on the account. To have a social media account the person has to be mature about what the put online cause once it goes up on the web it can’t be taken down fully.

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