Technology is a force for equity in society?

So for this debate I had to be part of the agree side to technology being a force for equity in society, for me this was hard to side with agree cause I believe it can and can’t be a driving force for equity in society today. For my side I debated that if we get equality from technology it will lead to equity in society in the long run. For this I made 3 points for my argument the first was technology giving equality to people with disabilities, the main point is connecting people with technology that is affordable and transportable they can become someone like the late Dr. Hawking who used his eyes to communicate to a computer that speaks for him.  The 2nd point I brought up was getting education out to 3rd world countries and refugee camps by bringing in computers and digital resources for teaching purposes. The 3rd and final point was technology giving a voice to the youth of the world, they are future adults that will run society in the future and having a voice helps create opinion and let it be known thru social media.




The debate ended in the disagree side winning and I also agree to that technology can bring equity, but its not fully able to bring out equity on its own.

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