We have become too dependent on technology and we’d be better off returning to the “good old days” before the Internet and smartphones took over.

The argument of should we return to the old days before technology, a weird thought about going back to no technology dependency. This wouldn’t work at all in reality technology is to needed to keep the world running, if the world returned to before we relied on it for life earth wouldn’t be able to support the current population. This is due to technology helps create bigger crops and faster production of food for the world, but let’s take it just to technology in schools. We would have to go back to just a paper and pencil to learn now using just those in a class is fine, but the advantages that come with tech is thousands time better to educate students and get them engaged in the class. Technology can bring many learning possibilities like online tours to a class that would never have a possibility to learn and see art or building and even see history of the world. Below is the pre vote:

And the post vote:

The vote stayed with agree lossing, but making a little headway on winning people over at the end of the debate. The little bit of headway I think came by the point that has come up many times before and was people incorporating technology better in classes and in schools.

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