The End of My Learning Project!

This is it the end of my learning project, I started baking knowing nothing about how or what you do in baking with little knowledge of baking procedures. Throughout the project, I came across many terms that I had to research about like why you sift ingredients before starting to mix them in.

Week 0: You Burned the Cookies!

Week 1: The Smell of Brownies in the Air!

Week 2: Ryan vs The Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Week 3: The Struggle of Rolling Dough!

Week 4: The Greatest Baking Tool!

Week 5: Halloween Sugar Cookies!

Week 6: The Cupcake!

Week 7: The Brownie and the Bread!

For My last week, I created my very own cupcake! I combined Oreos and cupcakes, first I used a chocolate cupcake recipe from my favourite site for recipes Allrecipes. The next step I took was placing an Oreo at the bottom of each before I pour the batter on top of them baking for a minute or two less and when a toothpick test comes out clean. When it came out I cut a hole in the centre using a straw to cut it out until it reached the cookie at the bottom. I used the creme of the Oreo after melting it a little to pour in the centre then plugging the hole with part of the cutout piece of cupcake. Next was the frosting, where I added crushed up Oreos into the frosting, I found that you needed to pick a frosting tip big enough for the crushed pieces to pipe out of the bag. These were perfect for Oreo lovers like myself and let me be a little creative and adventuring in creating a cupcake.

 I started out as being completely incompetent in making cookies without burning them to become charcoal, but now I feel a lot more confidence in baking anything that I want to make. I had a problem with rolling dough for my pumpkin pie, but I learned that when you roll the dough using plastic wrap to not have to flour a rolling pin worked incredibly well then refrigerating for a while to make the dough sturdier to handle by hand. My main source for recipes came from Allrecipes a great site that I use because these are tried and true recipes that others who know they work to put on the site for others. I also ran into many apps that were pay to gain access to the full cookbook even for on the free apps, many of these apps gave simple recipes before bringing up a pay to gain the access of the rest of the ingredients. This is where the Allrecipes app was the coolest, it had the ability to change the serving size of the recipe by itself. The app held a shopping list that gave you a checklist and a map to what stores had the ingredients, the app also has a meal randomizer that I sometimes use if I get stumped in making food.

Baking is something that even after this semester of learning to bake I have still a lot to learn and while continue to increase my ability to create more great baking treats in the future. With the winter holidays coming up fast I plan to show off my skills as a baker and make the baking for christmas this year. I hope everyone enjoyed my baking posts and gave a few of the recipes a try, but this is Ryan signing off for the last time. Have a good Winter break before the next semester.


Giving A Hand

Thanks for the inspiration!

This semester I learned many things from my classmates that I never knew about, especially in using Youtube to make it easier to post videos. For this semester I wanted to follow one blog for the whole semester, I found that Jadon was baking like I was in the learning project. This gave me someone I could gain inspiration for creating my PB&J cookies. This also gave me a great partner for the other posts on my blog posts like “Cybersleuthing? More like Creepin.” This was also when I started posting more on Twitter that was education-related and great for me to get followers that were in education. I found this was incredibly hard for me to continuously post resources daily, I found that using Feedly made it simple that the app created the tweet for you with hashtags relating to the resource. For Twitter, I had the chance to join a #saskedchat letting my classmates and educators from the group learn about my teaching beliefs and ideas. This was a fun course that I hope many keep up with their learning project and enjoy the rest of the break until next semester in 2018.


The End of EDTC300

So EDTC 300 is coming to a close and I can’t believe it went by so fast this semester. I learned many things that I didn’t know exist and learned how to be digitally literate and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one on this journey. I was never really a tech oriented guy, I knew what I needed to know, but never went any further than that. This class made me move out from my comfort zone, and use social media to get use to creating wholesome posts rather than lurking and being scared of posting. Before EDTC 300 I had no idea what extensions were, but throughout the course I used many of extensions like Grammarly, a great extension that I now use for every essay before I hand it in to check mistakes or give suggestions on what could improve the essay, I even use it to make my blog posts. The other extension I love to use is Screencastify, it allows you to record your screen while providing commentary. For my video I used it to record my slides while I provide a commentary about my summary of learning. Zoom was a huge pain when I first learned I had to set up this chat room that would be used for our class this semester, but zoom was great it felt like being in a classroom with comfier seats. It was also cool to see how the class could break into smaller rooms and discuss ideas easier.

I learned many things about twitter and other social media that can be used and how to be careful of what you post. For twitter it doesn’t have to be just a professional account, but you should always make sure that what you post or get tagged in isn’t something that can be harmful to you in the future or can be deemed hurtful against others, this also goes to every social media account you have cause nothing is private on the internet. Twitter is a great place to connect with other educators from everywhere through chats that take place like #saskedchat using Tweetdeck to help with the chats. You also have to be careful when getting tricked into believing fake news is real, due to many of the fake news articles and sites seeming completely real and made by news sites. Its important to gain a digital footprint online and learn about digital literacy, before having something negative that could follow you for ever in life.

The next important thing I learned was how to blog and create an                  Eportfolio using WordPress. This is a great idea to start a blog in university, so future employers can look deeper into who you are as a person and what your beliefs and ideas on teacher are. This could help in the long run of things when you graduate and are out applying to schools, getting employers to pick you because they can look at your blogs rather than just a resume.

This course has made me start to think how could I start to integrate technology into my future career as a teacher. This course also makes me wonder what new types of technology will I have available to use in the classroom when I start my first year as a teacher and what hasn’t changed in classes.

Thanks you all for an amazing semester and maybe I’ll see you in a class next semester!

The Brownie and the Bread!

Chocolate chip layered banana bread

This week I decided to turn my final learning project into 2 parts, this week I made a chocolate banana bread, changing how it was made and a brownie recipe. This week was all about adding different ingredients to recipes that I found on Allrecipes and Pinterest. For my banana bread recipe I changed a regular recipe, but added about 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and then poured half of the batter into the pan. Then adding a layer in between of unsweetened chocolate chips and then pouring the rest of the batter and baking. I also tried making this loaf by adding the chocolate chips to the batter and mixing them in first, this made the loaf have more pockets of chocolate, but the areas of chocolate where scarce or huge pockets of chocolate.

Chocolate chips mixed in the batter.

The next creation I tried out was using a brownie recipe and adding salted caramel to the mix as a layer, just like the banana bread. This was a horrible idea to combine these two things the brownie turned out to look like a brownie, but the taste of it was overly sweet and way to salty. This showed me that somethings work out when changing recipes and adding different ingredients, but its a process of trying different things out and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. Next is the finally of the learning project.

The Gram is it Good!

This week Jadon and I worked on the 2 sides of having Instgram in the classroom and how it could hinder or gain for teachers and students in the classroom.

With the more uses of social media in everyday life, would Instagram be a good to use in the classroom by teachers and the students? Yes! Instagram would be a great benefit to use in the classroom, but also to use for parents of the students. A problem arises on making sure that when the account is created to be secure and private for the students safety, so people other than the students, parents and teachers can access the class account.


The main use of Instagram in the class I think would be using a classroom account that is only accessible to the students, teachers and the parents of the students. In this account it would be used as a way to share photos of what is going on in the class, field trip moments, the work the students have done, announcements of important dates and to put up assignments. When I was looking into the uses of Instagram in the class I found many lists that had uses in the class, but using instagram to represent a historical figure. In this project the students learn about a historical figure and put posts on a private account about how if they were alive today what would they post or take photos of. This could be a fun way to engage students in history, while also giving students the ability to learn how to use Instagram in a responsible way.

The Cupcake!

This week for my baking adventure I continued tested my decorating skills and tried making something new. For my first try at making a cupcake I made a vanilla flavoured cupcake that I found on Allrecipes.  I had a hard time finding a recipe that didn’t have a crazy amount of ingredients this one was perfect to start out with. 

So for me I knew a lot about eating cupcakes and not a lot about making cupcakes and I knew my sister knew a lot more than me on making cupcakes. I learned from her that when you make cupcakes to not fill the cups fully, but only half way so when they rise there won’t be a mess of overflow to clean up after. So piping the cupcakes was the second best part of making the cupcakes (first of course was eating them). I used the a whipped cream cheese frosting that tasted great and piped really well through the piping bag. My first cupcake came out a little shaky, but I found myself getting better at piping the frosting the more cupcakes I got done.

For next week I am going to continue with the cupcakes and change up a recipe and try something that might work or might not, but we’ll see how it goes and if I made a cupcake or a Franken-cake.


Halloween Sugar Cookies!

This week I tested my skills on learning how to decorate cookies that are halloween themed. I learned that sugar cookies made an level cookie and would make the decorating process less of a hassle. I found an awesome recipe from Allrecipes and found the perfect sugar cookie that were light and soft. I also got the chance to roll out the cookie dough and try out putting it between 2 pieces parchment paper. It worked alot better then when I tried rolling my pie dough a few weeks ago.







I learned decorating is a lot harder than it seems when its done on tv and that when you make icing(Icing sugar, milk, vanilla extract,butter, food coloring) its important to know the amount needed, so you don’t make twice what you need. If you add more milk to the icing the consistency of it becomes able to pour on the cookies rather than spread with a knife. This made it easier for when I put a boarder of thicker icing to make a shape and would spread more evenly making it take the correct shape without using a knife to spread. I’m still new to using a piping bag and was really strange to draw on the cookies, but got easier the more cookies I decorated.