What I Found when I Googled Myself!

It’s not everyday that you’re tasked with looking into how your social media accounts are perceived in the public, or how secure accounts are from others that could affect me in the future. The first step in searching into my presence online was to turn on and Incognito window and googled myself, below is a few of the results I came back with.


The first few pages I found was mostly about a minor league baseball player, and all the different news retaining to him. In this search the only thing I found was in the image gallery of a picture of myself(red square above) that lead to my twitter account.

For my twitter it was around the fifth link down on the search to my account, there are no restrictions on my twitter so anyone can see my profile and tweets. I’d also say that my profile is fairly professional, due to me only using twitter from edtc300 last year. Just due to posting from last year where I had no real digital presence on the internet to now I can find myself a lot easier and would be perfectly fine if someone like my student, peer or employer found wouldn’t have a negative effect on me.

Facebook was completely different in finding my own profile, to see my profile I realized that I had restricted most of my profile at first look. So I started to look further into who can and can’t see my profile and looked into how my privacy settings restrict from public. So I looked into how I have my privacy settings and found that the only way to view or see my profile is to be a friend of a friend, but even then I have it restricted to what is shown and only opens up my profile when I accept someone as a friend. The other thing I found about my Facebook is I just never use it and only use the messenger system, my last post was in February of 2015.

In Conclusion, on what I found out about my digital presence is that it’s getting easier to find myself due to growing my digital footprint, but still want to keep my profiles clean and not something that can be negatively reflected on me. The thing that I am extremely happy about is that if anyone found any of my social media accounts they won’t be something that can affect me as a future teacher badly when students, peers or employers find one of my accounts.




Introduction to EDTC400

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Schlosser i’m in my second year of University in the secondary education majoring in mathematics and minoring in social studies. In my first year I decided to switch my minor from physical education to social studies due to myself enjoying learning about history, political parties, geography and different cultures out in the world. While also being someone who knows the benefits that physical activity can have on students in the future.

Some of my hobbies are working on fixing cars in my spare time right now i’m currently working on building a model-A from the ground up. This has been an on going project for about 2 years now, and I;ve just finished most of the front end and the frame of the the body. The rest of the exterior body still needs to be fabricated and made, then I’ll be on to the interior and getting it finished hopefully before I graduate. Another important part to know me is I love soccer, I’ve played for the most part my whole life and have been coaching for rec league in the spring. Since I started University I’ve stayed out of competitive soccer and have just been playing in a men’s league when I can.

2014 F.W.Johnson soccer city finals

This is my second EDTC class that I’ll take and hope to be surprised like I was in 300 and how much I learned about different apps or resources available to use for teaching. In EDTC400 I will get a chance to mentor some students fro the EDTC300 class, I hope to learn how to mentor students and further my ability to teach and enhancing my teaching skills for the future. My second goal is to keep learning about improving technology that will be a helpful resource to use for when I graduate and begin teaching. My last goal is to get a better digital footprint to be able to learn or ask peers for help or resources to improve my teaching skill before I graduate and when I’ve already become a teacher.