The Cupcake!

This week for my baking adventure I continued tested my decorating skills and tried making something new. For my first try at making a cupcake I made a vanilla flavoured cupcake that I found on Allrecipes.  I had a hard time finding a recipe that didn’t have a crazy amount of ingredients this one was perfect to start out with. 

So for me I knew a lot about eating cupcakes and not a lot about making cupcakes and I knew my sister knew a lot more than me on making cupcakes. I learned from her that when you make cupcakes to not fill the cups fully, but only half way so when they rise there won’t be a mess of overflow to clean up after. So piping the cupcakes was the second best part of making the cupcakes (first of course was eating them). I used the a whipped cream cheese frosting that tasted great and piped really well through the piping bag. My first cupcake came out a little shaky, but I found myself getting better at piping the frosting the more cupcakes I got done.

For next week I am going to continue with the cupcakes and change up a recipe and try something that might work or might not, but we’ll see how it goes and if I made a cupcake or a Franken-cake.



Halloween Sugar Cookies!

This week I tested my skills on learning how to decorate cookies that are halloween themed. I learned that sugar cookies made an level cookie and would make the decorating process less of a hassle. I found an awesome recipe from Allrecipes and found the perfect sugar cookie that were light and soft. I also got the chance to roll out the cookie dough and try out putting it between 2 pieces parchment paper. It worked alot better then when I tried rolling my pie dough a few weeks ago.







I learned decorating is a lot harder than it seems when its done on tv and that when you make icing(Icing sugar, milk, vanilla extract,butter, food coloring) its important to know the amount needed, so you don’t make twice what you need. If you add more milk to the icing the consistency of it becomes able to pour on the cookies rather than spread with a knife. This made it easier for when I put a boarder of thicker icing to make a shape and would spread more evenly making it take the correct shape without using a knife to spread. I’m still new to using a piping bag and was really strange to draw on the cookies, but got easier the more cookies I decorated.

Cybersleuthing? More like Creepin.

I had the pleasure of sleuthing Jadon and the first links that popped up were a twitter, facebook and Instagram accounts. The most suprising was a link to his Google+ and a Youtube video of his jam drop cookies. Google was having a problem and wanted to switch Jadon’s name to Jason an artist living in British Columbia(check his pictures out there amazing). It was suprising that when I added Regina after his name, it had more random links that didn’t even have the right name or city.  I even added the University of Regina after his name and again it was more random links and tried to change it to Jason instead of Jadon.

I found that Jadon has a really good pressence on the internet and a good digital footprint. I couldn’t find anything in the way that would badly effect his digital identity. I was still amazed that it was so easy to find Jadon even with google wanting to change his name. I was suprised that Jadon’s wordpress site wasn’t near the top of the search with his learning project posts and the different posts for EDTC300, but wasn’t showing up until I added wordpress after his name. Maybe Jadon would want to see if he can get his wordpress site near the top in case future intervieweres are looking for the blog. All I can say is that Jadon should be really happy and proud about his digital identity and to keep it up with having his social networks on the top of the search.

The Greatest Baking Tool!

This week I made 1 of my favorite types of cookies, the peanut butter cookie. I found a recipe on Allrecipes,(recipe in link) it is an easy recipe that I found that had me sift the dry ingredients before mixing. I learned that sifting ensures your dry ingredients are spaced out and breaks up any lumps, so its easier to mix. This week I also bought a hand mixer that is the greatest tool for baking. It takes off a huge chunk of prep time that would be taken up by mixing by hand and makes mixing ingredients evenly, something that is very hard to do by hand.











For my cookies they came out really well and tasted like any peanut butter cookies should. I had enough cookie dough left for a few more cookies and had some inspiration from my fellow classmate Jadon’s learning project who baked jam drop cookies. I gave me a great idea to hollow out the middle of the cookie and put jelly in the center, creating a PB&J cookie and the cookie if you love PB&J its for you. For next week I’m going to make sugar cookies and hopefully figure out how to decorate and make frosting.

The Struggle of Rolling Dough!

This week I decided for my learning project to bake a pumpkin pie. This was something I’ve never done before and found out it’s harder than it looks to roll dough. I came in thinking all it takes is a rolling pin, a little force, and walla the crust is done. Nope, my first attempt the dough was too thin and broke when I picked up to put it in the pie plate. This took a few more try’s at it and I gave up using a pre-made crust for the pie.

Into the Oven!

I failed at doing the crust, but want to try it again later down the line when I feel up to trying again. The pumpkin pie filling gave me the easiest time to make. I put out all the ingredients out before starting and prepared all of the measuring cups, utensils, and bowls before starting made it easier to mix everything without having to measure the ingredients after putting 1 ingredient at a time.

For this week I want to try out making different types of cookies like peanut butter, sugar cookies or try making my favorite cookie, the gingersnaps.

Who Turned Off the Lights!

How many people have the time to dim their screen by going into your settings and changing it be dimmer? With one click in the address bar or a shortcut key, BANG your screens not blindingly bright. Turn Off the Lights puts a little lightbulb icon in the address bar. This tool is also compatible with many of the popular video sites like Youtube, Hulu, and Google+. So if you want to watch the recording on Google+ and work side by side on your blog it works perfectly.  

Turn Off the Lights also gives you the option to change the color to any color that works for you or you create. The other neat option is to change the opacity so the light can show up lighter or darker based on your preferences. You can also turn off or the lights by voice command or hand motions. For the voice command, you have 4 options to turn off or on the lights, play and pause the video. This is a great tool for people who work on their computers for long periods of time and put less stress on your eyes from the lighting.

Ryan vs The Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Coming into week 3 of my learning project I tied up the score against the chocolate chip cookie and learned that sometimes listening to how much ingredients needed might be to much. When I started making the cookies it was a task of preparing the ingredients by measuring them out before mixing them together. I learned preparing the ingredients before starting the oven would be a good thought. Due to mixing the ingredients and forming the cookie dough into balls take around the time needed for the oven to heat up, but I didn’t and took sometime measuring the amount needed and mixing one ingredient in at a time.

The problem I found out was I had to much cookie dough left over, which wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had no idea of what to do with it and it hit me, make a giant cookie! I threw the dough in a pie pan and leveled it out and through it in the oven. It over all turned out fine, but had trouble with how long it would take to bake (around 17 minutes to bake). I was constantly checking it, but it turned out for the best and looked kind of like a pie. Its interesting making something out of the recipe that I’ve never done before and a little nerve racking, thinking about what might go wrong or how it might turn out. In my books this time around I can call this a win against the cookie who I burnt before.

Next week with Thanksgiving coming up I want to challenge myself and do something I haven’t done before. So I decided to bake a pumpkin pie for the dessert.