Cellphones should be banned in the classroom?

For this debate on banning cellphones in the classroom had three sides this time around. Side 1 was never side 2 way always and side 3 was only in high schools. The pre poll vote went like this:

The vote for always had 5.8%, while both never and only in high school had 47.1% each. This was an unpredicted pre vote outcome that I thought would be dominated in always and in high school only for the votes. The next poll for post vote went like this:

The post vote was won by only allowed in high school with 55.6%, but never dropped to 27.8% and always gained upto 16.7%. Now to put my point of view to the argument and a little about the discussion of the argument, for me I voted for only in high school. I picked this due to why do students in elementary need to use a cell phone in the classroom and cell phones shouldn’t be always allowed in the class. As students get older they get more responsibility and become more mature as they age, most of the time high school students know the right and wrong time to take out the cell phone. A great point that was brought up for the always side was that if students had cell phones banned thru elementary or middle school they wouldn’t develop a sense of proper time to use their phone and how to use their phone safely in their daily life, swapping my thought to allowing it in the middle years of elementary will allow them to learn proper safety to use their phones before high school life started for the students.


Is Openness and sharing in schools unfair to our kids?

So is openness and sharing in school unfair to the students? Yes and no, in most cases it’s depending on what the students are sharing in class and it depends on what is to much and what should they be willing to share, as the classroom is a safe place for the students to be and if it harms that environment of safety for the students then it becomes a problem. If this is a problem that can be covered and clear up what can be shared in the class and what can’t be shared early in the school year and clear that up with your class, the I would say a complete no to this argument. But getting the students to be open in sharing their opinions in class on the subject that is discussed helps the student develop and grow their understanding and create their own opinion later in life out of school and that is perfectly fine for the students.





The pictures above show that at the pre poll the disagree side had only 11.5% of the vote, while the post poll the disagree side tied with 50%. This was due to a great debate from the disagree side winning over many of the agree side and changing their opinion of the argument.

Should Schools not focus on Teaching things that can be Googled?

Going onto are 2nd debate of the year we listened to the two sides of should schools not focus on teaching things that can be googled? Google is great for looking things up in, due to google only needing a phone and wifi or data when on the go to use it to search anything. But not focusing on things that can be googled would almost mean why teach at all, cause almost everything can be googled. But then is everything right on google, no its not anyone can post on the web and if you search you can find something wrong in it. For example when you google who won World War II you can find that the axis side won over the allies which is completely wrong, but can be found when googled. Teachers are teaching things that are correct in History to go back to are example, they would show the facts of why that is fake and tell the truth about who won the war. That is just my take on the argument I side with the disagree side of the argument.





The left is the before the debate and the right is after the debate, for this debate the disagree side won out in both polls for are class. This would be an extremely hard argument for the agree side cause all of the class are wanting to become teachers in the future as are careers, and the agree side would take away teaching anything that could be found on google. The disagree side won this one due to google not always being right as we have seen in the last few years and has continued to spread is fake news something that as future educators we will have to show what is real and what is fake on google and the rest of the internet.

Does Technology In the Classroom enhance learning?

So, does technology in the classroom enhance the learning of the students? In my book technology is a great enhancer in the class for students. In are education technology class we had a debate on this certain question that we had to take a side of the argument.  Just below is the result that came from the class.( left- Before Debate, Right- After Debate)




The debate was to see who had the better debate and made the best points of their side for the rest of the class to be persuaded to their side. But going back to my decision  on the argument that technology does enhance learning, but only when implemented the right way which is difficult to do for teachers that are uncommon to technologic resources that are available to them. In my school life I’ve had teachers that tried implementing technology that enhances the learning fail, but I have had teachers make amazing use of technology to enhance the whole classroom. It is just something that takes learning how to implement technology in the classroom something that we are going to learn in the University courses and experience failing to implement it and work on improving on adapting the technology for a classroom.

What I Found when I Googled Myself!

It’s not everyday that you’re tasked with looking into how your social media accounts are perceived in the public, or how secure accounts are from others that could affect me in the future. The first step in searching into my presence online was to turn on and Incognito window and googled myself, below is a few of the results I came back with.


The first few pages I found was mostly about a minor league baseball player, and all the different news retaining to him. In this search the only thing I found was in the image gallery of a picture of myself(red square above) that lead to my twitter account.

For my twitter it was around the fifth link down on the search to my account, there are no restrictions on my twitter so anyone can see my profile and tweets. I’d also say that my profile is fairly professional, due to me only using twitter from edtc300 last year. Just due to posting from last year where I had no real digital presence on the internet to now I can find myself a lot easier and would be perfectly fine if someone like my student, peer or employer found wouldn’t have a negative effect on me.

Facebook was completely different in finding my own profile, to see my profile I realized that I had restricted most of my profile at first look. So I started to look further into who can and can’t see my profile and looked into how my privacy settings restrict from public. So I looked into how I have my privacy settings and found that the only way to view or see my profile is to be a friend of a friend, but even then I have it restricted to what is shown and only opens up my profile when I accept someone as a friend. The other thing I found about my Facebook is I just never use it and only use the messenger system, my last post was in February of 2015.

In Conclusion, on what I found out about my digital presence is that it’s getting easier to find myself due to growing my digital footprint, but still want to keep my profiles clean and not something that can be negatively reflected on me. The thing that I am extremely happy about is that if anyone found any of my social media accounts they won’t be something that can affect me as a future teacher badly when students, peers or employers find one of my accounts.



Introduction to EDTC400

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Schlosser i’m in my second year of University in the secondary education majoring in mathematics and minoring in social studies. In my first year I decided to switch my minor from physical education to social studies due to myself enjoying learning about history, political parties, geography and different cultures out in the world. While also being someone who knows the benefits that physical activity can have on students in the future.

Some of my hobbies are working on fixing cars in my spare time right now i’m currently working on building a model-A from the ground up. This has been an on going project for about 2 years now, and I;ve just finished most of the front end and the frame of the the body. The rest of the exterior body still needs to be fabricated and made, then I’ll be on to the interior and getting it finished hopefully before I graduate. Another important part to know me is I love soccer, I’ve played for the most part my whole life and have been coaching for rec league in the spring. Since I started University I’ve stayed out of competitive soccer and have just been playing in a men’s league when I can.

2014 F.W.Johnson soccer city finals

This is my second EDTC class that I’ll take and hope to be surprised like I was in 300 and how much I learned about different apps or resources available to use for teaching. In EDTC400 I will get a chance to mentor some students fro the EDTC300 class, I hope to learn how to mentor students and further my ability to teach and enhancing my teaching skills for the future. My second goal is to keep learning about improving technology that will be a helpful resource to use for when I graduate and begin teaching. My last goal is to get a better digital footprint to be able to learn or ask peers for help or resources to improve my teaching skill before I graduate and when I’ve already become a teacher.

The End of My Learning Project!

This is it the end of my learning project, I started baking knowing nothing about how or what you do in baking with little knowledge of baking procedures. Throughout the project, I came across many terms that I had to research about like why you sift ingredients before starting to mix them in.

Week 0: You Burned the Cookies!

Week 1: The Smell of Brownies in the Air!

Week 2: Ryan vs The Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Week 3: The Struggle of Rolling Dough!

Week 4: The Greatest Baking Tool!

Week 5: Halloween Sugar Cookies!

Week 6: The Cupcake!

Week 7: The Brownie and the Bread!

For My last week, I created my very own cupcake! I combined Oreos and cupcakes, first I used a chocolate cupcake recipe from my favourite site for recipes Allrecipes. The next step I took was placing an Oreo at the bottom of each before I pour the batter on top of them baking for a minute or two less and when a toothpick test comes out clean. When it came out I cut a hole in the centre using a straw to cut it out until it reached the cookie at the bottom. I used the creme of the Oreo after melting it a little to pour in the centre then plugging the hole with part of the cutout piece of cupcake. Next was the frosting, where I added crushed up Oreos into the frosting, I found that you needed to pick a frosting tip big enough for the crushed pieces to pipe out of the bag. These were perfect for Oreo lovers like myself and let me be a little creative and adventuring in creating a cupcake.

 I started out as being completely incompetent in making cookies without burning them to become charcoal, but now I feel a lot more confidence in baking anything that I want to make. I had a problem with rolling dough for my pumpkin pie, but I learned that when you roll the dough using plastic wrap to not have to flour a rolling pin worked incredibly well then refrigerating for a while to make the dough sturdier to handle by hand. My main source for recipes came from Allrecipes a great site that I use because these are tried and true recipes that others who know they work to put on the site for others. I also ran into many apps that were pay to gain access to the full cookbook even for on the free apps, many of these apps gave simple recipes before bringing up a pay to gain the access of the rest of the ingredients. This is where the Allrecipes app was the coolest, it had the ability to change the serving size of the recipe by itself. The app held a shopping list that gave you a checklist and a map to what stores had the ingredients, the app also has a meal randomizer that I sometimes use if I get stumped in making food.

Baking is something that even after this semester of learning to bake I have still a lot to learn and while continue to increase my ability to create more great baking treats in the future. With the winter holidays coming up fast I plan to show off my skills as a baker and make the baking for christmas this year. I hope everyone enjoyed my baking posts and gave a few of the recipes a try, but this is Ryan signing off for the last time. Have a good Winter break before the next semester.