The #saskedchat Thing!

This past week I was lucky enough to join a #saskedchat and meet a bunch of educators with various jobs, like administrators, principals and teachers from Saskatchewan or else were. I found that the experience went by extremely fast for being an hour long. It felt like it breezed by faster as I got into the swing of things and understood how to use tweetdeck. I hadn’t released how fast the chat would be and had only 1 chat stream up missing some of the questions asked. It wasn’t until I put up another chat stream that I could follow the chat and look back and read others tweets.

The #saskedchat group were really welcoming and made it easy to answer the questions asked without being told that’s wrong, but gave good feedback or expand on the question. It was a great experience to learn from people that are in the profession and had me see different views on how to be a leader and deal with how to not stress your self out while leading others. It was a great experience that I suggest everyone should try out once, because it might open some ideas about how to handle different aspects as soon to be teachers. With learning from this group of teachers I now want to go into a math teacher chat and see all the different methods and thoughts of math teachers that could help me when I finish my degree and start teaching.



The Smell of Brownies in the Air!

For my first week of learning to bake I started on a simple brownie recipe by Martha Stewart. That has a simple amount of ingredients and steps to make the brownies and doesn’t take to long to prepare or bake.

Into the oven.

I found the hardest step other than waiting for the brownies to bake was  whisking in the dry ingredients into the melted chocolate and butter. Its a tiring process to make sure all the ingredients were blended and have the right consistence of the batter. I found out when the brownies came out of the oven I hadn’t fully blended the ingredients together and had some air bubbles that cracked the surface of the brownies.

Hot from the oven!

All together it was a great learning experience that taught me to be more thorough in mixing the ingredients fully before baking. The brownies turned out tasting really good and filled the house with the smell of brownies. I would however like to try making the brownies a lot less sweet and healthier.


Feedly! What I explored.

Feedly is a neat little website that shows many different blogs and news feeds posted to 1 website. Its an easy way of following many different sources of news or blogs in one place. I just started my account and found it very easy to find the things I was interested in and organize them into different categorizes.

My Feedly feed.

For me becoming a teacher Feedly lets me keep connected to different news or thoughts of teaching. That I wouldn’t have been able to see without looking through dozens of different websites. To find these sources to follow I checked the number of followers, but felt checking the different articles topic and how it was wrote was most important in picking who I followed. One of the different blogs I found was Math with Bad Drawings. It caught my eye because I want to be a math teacher and this blogger inserts funny drawings that pertain to what he talked about in his posts. I also followed a few baking blogs to help me on my learning project, that have put baking recipes in there blogs that they improved on or made themselves. They also have there own recipes that they concocted from other baking and made into one.

You Burned the Cookies!

For my learning project I am going to learn how to bake. My prior knowledge of baking was leaving a tray of chocolate chip cookies to turn into black charcoal disc. For some reason I am able to cook food perfectly fine, but when it comes to baking something goes always wrong and becomes inedible. My goal for this project is to improve my ability in baking, so I can make baked goods for Christmas this year and not have the same outcome as with the cookies.

Photo Credit: lpvhouse Flickr via Compfight cc

To reach my goal of learning to bake is starting by what I first failed at and bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then as the weeks progress take it up a notch by doing more difficult baking goods, like baking a cake or make cookies from scratch and then cake decorating. I am going to try finding a few good baking apps such as the Betty Crocker app that show the recipes and the process shown in clear steps.

A little about Me!

Hi! My name is Ryan Schlosser and as this is my first blog post I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I’m a first year student at the University of Regina and in the secondary education program. I am majoring in math and minoring in physical education. I choose to become a teacher in these areas because I love anything math related, it is a subject that I excel at and enjoyed helping others learn the skills that were needed. At the same time I wanted to show others the great benefits and fun physical activity has on your fitness and life style. This is my first educational technology course and learned most of what I know computer wise on my own. With this class I hope to be able to expand what I know about using technology in the classroom.

I am born in 1998 on June 8th in Regina, Saskatchewan. I graduated from F.W.Johnson in the summer of 2016 and took a year to figure out if I wanted to become a teacher. I wasn’t fully ready to go back to school after graduating, but I think this strengthened my resolve to come to the U of R and become a teacher. During that time I went travelling around Alberta and working on restoring a 1987 Jeep.

Fall 2013 F.W.Johnson soccer city finals

Soccer has been an important part in my life and would love to be able to coach a soccer team when I become a teacher. I’ve played soccer since I was 4 and continue to play in rec leagues around Regina. My favorite time playing soccer was my 4 years at Johnson, the group of guys and the coach’s became a family to me that whenever anything bad or good happened they were there. We went from a team that lost every game my first year to go to provincials and compete with teams all around Saskatchewan. In my last 2 years at Johnson I was able to be the team captain, helping teach or improve the newcomers skill level and  help out who I thought would become the next captain so when I graduated I knew the team was in good hands. I loved helping that new group of high school students and that’s why I picked education and my minor to teach.